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Fractured Space – dzisiaj startuje epizod II – „The Rift”

Nowy Tryb gry będzie odmienny od dwóch poprzednich – tym razem będziemy zdolni zbierać wraki pokonanych okrętów aby zasilić uszkodzony flagowiec w naprawie. Naszym zadaniem będzie również obrona statku przed przeciwną drużyną a gdy już zakończymy naprawy – kompletna anihilacja ich flagowca.
Oczywiście razem z nowym epizodem dostaniemy możliwość zakupu nowych skórek i kampanii do przejścia, w tym kolejne dwa mody graficzne napędów okrętu, nameplate i hangar.
Poprawiony zostanie również matchmaking (zwiększenie widełek pkt rankingowych graczy, nagrody za długie oczekiwanie, etc).
Episode II: The Rift

Newton Siddis, a scientist specializing in Ark’ain technology has sent a distress signal from The Rift. A remote sector on the edge of charted space.

Mercenary Captains arrive, seeking to assist the scientist and learn more about the Ark’ain. Once they enter the sector a bargain is struck.

Siddis commands the repair of his vessel, along with the destruction of an opposing Destroyer within the sector.


The Rift is a new tactical single sector 5v5 PvE/PvP game mode, where teams must focus on gathering resources to repair a distressed Flagship while attempting to destroy the enemies.

Players can repair their Flagship by salvaging wrecks and returning to their damaged Flagship to deliver the materials. Once repaired, your ally is the most powerful vessel in the sector by far and must be escorted to its enemy counterpart to kill it. Defending your Flagship is also vital since its destruction will result in your team losing the match.

Be careful! Materials you’ve collected out in The Rift can be taken from the husk of your own dead ship by the enemy team.

Voting in Drafting

Players will be able to vote for the game mode they want to play in the PvP queue. In the case of Conquest, for example, the possible selections are Action Conquest or Discovery.

Each player will vote for a game mode and the game mode with the most votes will be selected. If two game modes have the same number of votes, drafting will select one of the most voted randomly.

Queue Credits

  • When a player begins searching for a game in a PvP or PvE lobby, they will start to earn Credits. Credits will be deposited into the players wallet once they have reached the Results Screen for the match they find during queuing.
  • Players will receive 12 Credits a second whilst matchmaking up to 5 minutes
The Rift Episode Pack

– Available in the Bundles page of the in-game store for 2000 platinum
– Instantly Unlocks a set of exclusive rewards worth over 9000 platinum

– The Rift Episode Pack will only be available to purchase until 25th July 2018

The Rift Episode Rewards

– New to this update is Episode Rewards. Complete up to 60 matches of The Rift to earn up to three amazing rewards:

  • 6 Rift matches completed – Stormer’s Sigil Badge
  • 25 Rift matches completed – Void Keeper Nameplate
  • 60 Rift matches completed – Newton Siddis Crew member

– Rewards are rewarded as soon as players pass the respective checkpoint
– The Rift Episode Rewards will only be available for participation until 25th July 2018

General Changes
  • The font for the game has been updated from Aero Matics to Noto Sans. The reason for this was that Aero Matics doesn’t support Cyrillic and Chinese characters. In a future release we will be implementing Russian and Chinese localization, so we’ve had to update our fonts. Any feedback is welcome for this change.
  • We have removed the stats text from skills loadouts in drafting as we have realized that we’re trying to squeeze too much text into the size of the boxes. A title has been added above the skills to let players know that they can still hover over the skills to get the information they need.
AI Balance

Adjusted the rate at which the difficulty of AI captains ramps up for new players; it now levels up in difficulty on average after every win rather than every two wins.

Bug Fixes
  • Potentially fixed a timing issue in Drafting where images would not load before Drafting was ready.
  • Fixed the Ghost being able to place its decoy inside terrain in the Discovery map.
  • Fix for forward station capture getting stuck if Gamma 3 is taken while an enemy is re-capturing their forward station.
  • Fixed the bug that was wrongly displaying Y and N as the keys to surrender when different keys are bound.
  • Fix for the bug that was causing server crashes if the user in Last Stand selected the same ship.
  • Fix for the bug that was causing new installs of the game to reprompt the drafting tutorial, even after the completion of a solo match.

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